Digital dental radiographs – also referred to as dental digital X-rays – are becoming increasingly popular among practitioners.

Numerous studies involving digital X-rays have established that these technologically-advanced systems are better able to detect, properly diagnose, lead to more effective treatments, and successfully monitor oral health issues, conditions, and diseases.

Digital radiography utilizes digital-based sensors, which produce detailed and highly comprehensive computer-based images of the oral structures of the mouth.

They are highly advanced in comparison to the traditional photographic-based X-rays utilized in the past. In this guide, you will be introduced to the 5 proven benefits associated with digital X-rays in the dentistry field.

Proven Benefit #1:

The first advantage to digital X-rays in dentistry is the fact that it is an environmentally friendly technique. There is no need to create a darkroom, no plastics are needed to store film, and space is not wasted. This saves tremendously on natural resources. Additionally, no chemicals are needed to process the images.

Proven Benefit #2:

The images that are produced from digital X-rays are much higher in quality than those produced from traditional X-ray systems. There is no longer an issue with the “one-size-fits-all”. Now, images may be enhanced, enlarged, and even magnified.

The ability to manipulate images allows the dentistry team to obtain better visual images of the oral structures being investigated. Additionally, color, brightness levels, and even the contrast of the images may be adjusted, which permits better visual identification of cavities and similar issues.

Proven Benefit #3:

Traditional dental X-rays were often expensive to produce, costly and time consuming to share among practitioners, and took up a tremendous amount of storage space. Digital X-rays in dentistry does away with all of these issues.

Digital images may be stored in a Cloud, easily shared over an internet connection, and simply printed – if copies are needed. Additionally, they tie in exceptionally well with the electronic medical record systems that are now being used – universally – among those in the medical field.

Proven Benefit #4:

In the past, patients often had to wait for X-rays to be developed. This is no longer an issue with digital X-rays. Once the images are taken, the sensor transforms them into the picture immediately. Not only is this easier and costs less, it results in shorten appointment times.

Proven Benefit #5:

Digital dental X-rays produce up to 90% less radiation than traditional radiography in dentistry. For patients that have a concern about radiation, this comes as a major advantage over traditional dental X-rays.

Rapid and Precise

Digital dental X-rays provide rapid and precise information to today’s dental team. If you want the best in dental care and have a desire to optimize your oral health, it is imperative that you opt for a team that uses digital X-ray technology.

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