Dental Sealants Help to Improve Oral Health

While brushing and flossing are considered to be the best and among the most productive means of preventing cavities and ensuring the overall health of the teeth, it is impossible to ensure that every space on each tooth is cleaned.

As a result, leftover food products, remnants of beverages, and bacteria is left to lurk on those areas that have the potential to result in the development of plaque, cavities, and tooth decay.

To ensure complete coverage, it is critical to ensure that you regularly schedule professional cleanings and that you consider having dental sealants placed on the teeth.

Dental Sealants FitzgeraldWhat is Dental Sealant?

Sealants used in dentistry is a type of plastic coating that is thinly layered or painted onto the areas of the teeth known as the “chewing surfaces”.

While dental sealants may be placed on any of the teeth or all of the teeth, they are typically placed on the back teeth, which are identified as the “premolars” and the “molars”.

The sealant is successfully able to reach inside of the pits and grooves of the teeth and bond very quickly.

This helps to provide a highly protective shield over the enamel, which aids in preventing contact with substances and bacteria that may result in the development of cavities and tooth decay.

Who Qualifies for Sealants?

Kids and teenagers are considered to be the ideal candidates for dental sealants. However, adults have the option of getting dental sealants on their teeth, too. Individuals that have fillings located within the molars of the mouth or do not have any type of decay may elect to get dental sealants.

When a child’s permanent back teeth come in, they should get sealants immediately. In some instances, babies and toddlers may get dental sealants on their mouth in order protect their teeth for as long as possible.

Baby teeth aid in the spacing that is required for the eruption of the permanent teeth; therefore, it is imperative that the baby teeth are as healthy as possible, for as long as possible.

The Dental Sealant Process

The process involving the application of dental sealant to the teeth is painless and easy. In all, it takes only minutes. The teeth will be thoroughly cleaned in the office. Immediately thereafter, all of the teeth are dried and an absorbent type of material is placed around the teeth to ensure that they remain moisture-free.

A special substance is places on the teeth, which helps to provide a bonding surface for the dental sealants. In most instances, this is a type of acid. Then, the substance is rinsed and the teeth are, once again, dried.

Next, the sealant is placed on each tooth. It immediately bonds and hardens. Many dentists may use a curing light to speed up this process. Once finished, the dental sealants have the potential to last for a decade.

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