Professional Fluoride Treatments Offer Optimal Protection for the Teeth

Dental caries – which is also referred to as “tooth decay” – is an oral health issues caused by bacteria that has the capability of producing acid. This collects in the areas around and in-between the teeth, as well as near the gums.

Once formed, the sticky film is identified as “plaque”. If you do not practice good habits – in terms of oral hygiene – and attend regular checkups with your dentist, your teeth will have a higher level of vulnerability to the development of dental caries.

Simply brush your teeth at least twice each day, use an interdental cleaner between the teeth, and rinse. Schedule dental examinations and get regular cleanings. Additionally, opt for fluoride treatments.

According to extensive research, professional fluoride treatments received at the dentist office offers optimal levels of protection for the teeth.

Fluoride Treatment FitzgeraldFluoride Treatments Come in Two Main Forms

To date, fluoride treatments come in two main forms. Those are topical and systemic. Topical fluoride is applied right on the tooth. Systemic fluoride is swallowed.

Examples of topical-based fluoride treatments include toothpaste products, mouth rinses, and the fluoride treatments that are given to you at the dentist’s office.

Examples of systemic fluoride include water that has fluoride added to it and supplements that have fluoride in them.

In order to reap the maximum rewards from fluoride treatments, it is best to use a combination of both topical and systemic fluoride treatments; however, your dentist may have a different plan.

It all depends on you, your general level of health, and your risk for the development of tooth decay.

Who is at Risk for Tooth Decay?

Anyone is at risk for tooth decay; however, there are those that have a higher risk. These include the following individuals:

  • Those that have established poor hygiene habits are at higher risk for the development of dental caries.
  • Dental decay is likely to impact people that abuse drugs, alcohol, smoke cigarettes, and/or chew tobacco.
  • Individuals that have not received proper dental care and treatments throughout their life are at a very high risk of the effects of decay of the teeth.
  • Those that suffer from eating disorders and/or do not get the proper nutrition may develop tooth decay.
  • If there is a decreased amount of saliva in the mouth, or a large number of bacteria-based agents in the mouth, one is at an exceptionally high risk for developing dental caries.
  • If a person has any type of defect within their tooth enamel, they are highly likely to – eventually- suffer from tooth decay.
  • If the surfaces of the tooth’s root are exposed, it is likely that the individual has a very high risk of developing tooth decay.
  • People who have received orthodontic-based treatments, but do not properly care for their oral health – in terms of hygiene – are likely to have issues with dental caries, eventually.
  • Those that have fillings in the mouth are at high risk for tooth decay.
  • People that are having or have had radiation therapy to the neck and/or head have a very high risk for the onset of tooth decay.

Fluoride Treatments at the Dentist’s Office

If you are at risk for the development of tooth decay, you should opt for professional fluoride treatments at the dentist office. These treatments have a higher dosage of fluoride than the oral health products that you may obtain at a store.

These are given as either a foam, a gel, or a varnish-like substance. When placed on the teeth, it may be done with a brush or a tray. The treatments only take a few minutes.

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