Root Canal for Infected or Damaged Tooth

If you have a damaged or an infected tooth that is in need or repair or needs to be saved, a root canal is the appropriate course of action – in terms of treatment. This type of dental therapy is performed when the pulp within a tooth is badly infected, decayed, or suffering from another type of tremendous damage.

During the treatment, the pulp is taken out of the impacted tooth. The area is then thoroughly cleaned. Once all debris has been removed from the area, it is then sealed. In this brief dental guide, you will learn important information pertaining to root canal therapy.

Root Canal FitzgeraldWhat is Pulp and Why is it Removed During a Root Canal?

The pulp of a tooth is the soft, inner center of a tooth. It contains connective tissue, the tooth’s nerve, as well as blood vessels.

The root canal is the area that starts in the root of the tooth and travels up into the dental pulp.

The core function of the tooth nerve is to aid in the perception of hot and cold temperatures.

It is not a vital component of the overall health of the tooth; therefore, a root canal – which results in the nerve being removed – will not detrimentally impact the overall functionality of the tooth.

When pulp experiences any type of damage, it will break down. Additionally, bacteria will start to develop within the area. This can result in consistent infections, or an abscess. The following may also occur:

  1. The loss of bone around the tip region of the tooth
  2. Swelling that could impact the neck, the head, and/or the face
  3. The drainage of infectious material deep within the gum tissue

The reason that dental pulp is removed during a root canal procedure is to ensure that none of these complications arise.

In addition to those outlined above, if the pulp of a damaged or infected tooth remains intact, it could weaken the overall structure of the tooth and result in chips, cracks, breaks, and immense levels of discomfort. If these issues occur, the functionality of the tooth will be drastically reduced.

What are the Symptoms That Mean I Need a Root Canal?

There are many different symptoms that could indicate the need for root canal therapy. These include following:

  1. If you have pain in the teeth when you apply pressure through chewing or speaking, you may need a root canal treatment.
  2. If the tooth starts to darken in color, it could indicate that the pulp is damaged or the presence of decay.
  3. If the gum tissue surrounding a painful tooth starts to swell, becomes discolored, and starts to hurt, you may need root canal therapy.
  4. Sensitivity to hot and cold may indicate the need for a root canals dentist in Fitzgerald.
  5. If you discover bumps that look similar to acne on your gums, it could indicate infection that needs to be contended with.

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