Virtual Reality Offers Relief to Patients That Suffer from Dental Anxiety

Do you experience dental anxiety? Do you have some type of dental phobia? Do you find yourself dreading dental appointments and procedures? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are not alone.

patient with vr headset to reduce anxiety

According to studies, approximately 75% of all people within the United States have an issue with dental anxiety. Another 20% of the population has some type of dental phobia.

While quite common, dental anxiety is highly problematic – especially when it comes to your oral health. It often results in your postponing dental health care and – as a result – the development of oral health problems.

You will be pleased to know that many practitioners are now using virtual reality to help you relax while in the chair. Continue reading to learn how virtual reality helps patients just like you.

Dental-Based Virtual Reality

Virtual reality for the dentist office is a very simple, straight-forward, non-pharmacological technique that will help you relax – be it in the waiting room, in the dental chair, or during dental procedures.

Throughout history, dentists have provided anxious patients with medications that help to sedate during dental appointments and procedures; however, now there is a new method to calm and relax – that is virtual reality.

Headsets – complete with visuals and sounds – are provided to you. It then projects a peaceful, soothing scene that helps you relax and harness the true power of the mind. The tranquil environments presented by virtual reality in the dental setting reduces the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and truly provides a serene sense of calm.

If you are ready to get the oral health care that you need, but are bound by the anxiety and fears that you have of the dentist, virtual reality can help you!

The Benefits

There are many distinct benefits to opting for virtual reality while at the dentist. The following offers a few of the advantages:

  1. The first and main advantage to opting for virtual reality is that you can avoid medications that could affect your cognition and result in unfavorable side effects. Additionally, using virtual reality is a cost-effective option against highly-priced pharmaceuticals.
  2. Virtual reality headsets are highly hygienic. They are commonly cleaned using a strong UV-C light and come with a coating that anti-bacterial.
  3. The virtual reality headset is light weight and easy to wear. In fact, many patients state that once they are immersed into the virtual scene of the headset, they relax and find themselves almost forgetting that they are undergoing a procedure. Many patients often desire to spend more time involved in the virtual destination that they “visit” while wearing the headset.


If you suffer from bouts of dental anxiety, fret no more. Our dentist office in La Grange, GA now offers virtual reality for anxious, hesitant, and/or fearful clients.

To learn more about virtual reality and to determine if this is a sound solution for you and your oral health, simply call us today at: 706-837-0123

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