Comprehensive Exams

Comprehensive exams assist dental professionals in assessing numerous oral health issues.

Comprehensive Oral Health Examinations

“Comprehensive” Is More Than Just Getting Your Teeth Cleaned!

Comprehensive oral health exams are an essential component to optimal oral health. While it is possible to be highly vigilant in a home-based oral care regimen, we all experience the irrepressible development of plaque, experience a build up of various types of debris within the mouth, and have porous teeth – all of which makes us each highly susceptible to cavities, decay, and other oral health complications.

To successfully forestall and possibly even totally prevent these issues – which may result in tooth loss and gum problems – routine dental cleanings and evaluations are necessary and highly recommended by the American Dental Association for all individuals, regardless of age.

Comprehensive exams assist dental professionals in assessing numerous oral health issues. Examples include the development of cavities, determining if sealant, fillings, and/or crowns are necessary, identifying the onset of gum disease, and determining a person’s risk for the development of oral cancer.

What Happens at a Comprehensive Oral Exam?

There are several activities that may or may not take place during a detailed oral health examination. The following outlines the most general of these tasks. Each patient is unique; therefore, many of these activities may be done on a more thorough level or, if deemed appropriate by the practitioner, fewer of the following may be performed:


A tooth-by-tooth examination is performed to determine if cavities are developing, if the teeth are showing visible signs of wear – such as cracks or loss of enamel – and, to pinpoint teeth that are partially or completely missing.


If previous dental work has been performed -such as the placement of sealant, fillings, and/or crowns – the status of that work is evaluated to determine if additional work is necessary.


The bite and the jaw structure are thoroughly examined to determine if there are any issues. If confirmed, recommendations are made to resolve those problems.


During the comprehensive exam, diagnostic x-rays will be taken. This aids in the analyzation and assessment of the teeth, as well as all supporting bone structure.


A complete periodontal screening will be performed during the comprehensive exam. This helps identify the early signs of gum disease.


Finally, a screening will be done that will help a practitioner determine if oral cancer is present. If not, it aids in determining if there is a risk for the development of mouth cancer.

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Oral Cancer Screenings

An Unhealthy Mouth is an Unhealthy Body

Our team values you. We know the importance of maintaining oral health. An unhealthy mouth is an unhealthy body. Left unresolved, oral health problems can prove to be detrimental to your overall health.

Serious problems such as the loss of your teeth, the development of disease in your gums, mouth cancer, increased inflammation in the body, immune complications, the development of diabetes, and even serious problems with the heart.

To avoid these issues and ensure that you have the best health and the most attractive smile, call us today to schedule your comprehensive oral health exam.


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