Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does American Dental of Fitzgerald Have Accessibility Features for Patients with Disabilities?

American Dental of Fitzgerald feels that everyone – regardless of disability – has access to comprehensive, state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, and services to ensure the highest level of oral health.

Our building is structurally designed to accommodate all persons and all disabilities.

If you would like or are in need of special arrangements, please call ahead and we will do all that you require.

Does American Dental of Fitzgerald Offer Services for Individuals Under the Age of 18?

Yes, we do offer services for those under the age of 18.

All that we ask is that the toddler, child, and/or teenager is accompanied by a parent or legal guardian while on the premises and during the appointment.

Does Your Office Hold a License?

Yes, American Dental of Fitzgerald is fully licensed in the State of Georgia to practice for each product and service that we offer our patients.

May I Get My Teeth Cleaned at My First Appointment?

The first appointment that you have with us is designed to get to know you, learn about your health, and to determine your oral healthcare needs.

The first appointment will be a comprehensive exam that allows us to determine what you need – as an individual – in terms of an oral health care treatment plan. In most instances, we will take x-rays of your mouth and physically review each component of your mouth.

Then, you will be provided with the information on what you need and your teeth cleaning visit will be scheduled.

Are You Currently Accepting New Patients?

Yes, we feel it is highly important to keep an open door so that any patient requiring oral health care may receive it.

I Don’t Have Any Type of Insurance and My Credit Rating is Poor, Do I Have Any Financial Options to Cover My Care?

We strive to ensure that dental care is openly available to each and every person. You will be provided with a comprehensive list of the estimate of the costs associated with your treatment plan.

We offer the most competitive pricing models in the entire State of Georgia.

We work directly with patients in terms of payment plans, credit options, and third-party financing options. Simply inquire when you call to schedule your appointment.

Do I Need to Come to My First Appointment Early?

Yes, we request that each patient arrive anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes early for their first appointment. This will provide you with ample time to fill out our new patient paperwork packet.

We ask that you bring two forms of identification, your insurance card (if you have one), a list of all of your medications (including dosage information), and the names and addresses of previous dental practitioners that you have previously seen so that we may obtain any necessary medical records.

Is the New Patient Paperwork Packet Available Online?

Yes, you may get a head start on this aspect of your appointment by downloading, printing, and completing the new patient paperwork packet on our website.

What is Comprehensive Care?

Comprehensive care is the treatment plan that we will create for you, based on the information obtained from your initial appointment.

We will examine your entire mouth, and outline measures that need to be taken to ensure that you experience long-lasting optimal oral health.

We will also provide you with measures that you may take at home such as how and when to brush, proper flossing techniques, nutritional information, and any lifestyle adjustments we feel would benefit both your general health and oral health.

How Long Will the First Appointment Last?

Generally speaking, we ask that you commit to an hour or hour and a half for your first appointment. This could vary, depending on your age and your individual oral health care needs.

Why Are X-Rays Necessary?

While our team here at American Dental of Fitzgerald are able to pinpoint many oral health issues through the means of a physical examination, we are not able to identify all.

Dental x-rays are designed to identify areas of decay in between each of the teeth and/or restorations, the presence of an infection in the bone, gum disease, cysts, abscesses, abnormalities associated with the bone structure of the mouth, and tumors. In short, dental x-rays may be a necessary element to saving your life.

Here at American Dental of Fitzgerald, we offer the technologically advanced digital x-rays. Not only do these types of x-rays render immediate results, they are much more cost effective than traditional x-rays.

Do You Handle Dental Emergencies?

Yes, we handle a multitude of dental emergencies; however, it is important to understand that there are certain situations where you should bypass our practice and go directly to the emergency room for care.

These include experiencing completely unbearable pain, bleeding that cannot be controlled and/or stopped, or if you experience complications outside of our normal hours of operation.

How Do I Get Started with American Dental of Fitzgerald?

In order to get started, simply call us or use our online contact page to set up your first appointment. You should then obtain a new patient paperwork packet through our website or through our office and get the information completed.

Then, gather all necessary items for your first appointment.

Remember, arrive 15 to 30 minutes early to wrap up any necessary documentation and to get acclimated to our facility and meet our team.