Surgical Extractions

Our modern equipment, technologically-advanced procedures, and our sedation options make surgical extraction quick and easy!

Surgical Tooth Extractions

When it comes to oral health, the goal is to keep all of the permanent teeth in the mouth for the duration of our lives; however, there are certain situations that may result in a dental recommendation of removing a tooth. In most instances, this may be done by a simple extraction.

Some Situations Call for Surgical Extractions

Unfortunately, there are certain situations when a move involved procedure is necessary due to complications. This is when a surgical extraction will become necessary.

According to information derived from the American Dental Association (ADA), extractions are necessary when a tooth is resulting in crowding, is diseased, or has been injured beyond repair due to trauma. Additionally, those that lack the bone support for optimal oral health due to gum disease also qualify for extraction.

Surgical Extraction Facts

According to the specialists, surgical extractions of the teeth are considered to be the most common type of surgery within the United States. A surgical extraction must be performed in the event that a tooth has not grown in completely, gum tissue needs to be removed in order to successfully remove the tooth, or bone has to be removed.

Immediately after a surgical extraction, the dental professional will close the site with the use of stitches in order to promote the healing process. Additionally, it may be necessary to prescribed special mouth rinses, pain medications, and even antibiotics immediately following a surgical extraction.


Immediately following an extraction, our dental team will provide you with post-op instructions.

First, you will need to bite down on a gauze pad for a designated amount of time. This helps stop bleeding and aids in the clotting process. The first few hours after the procedure, unnecessary actions utilizing the mouth should be avoided. Examples include speaking, drinking, and eating.

The first day, you will be able to indulge in a diet that consists of soft foods and clear liquids. No at-home dental care steps should be taken for approximately twelve hours.

Our Modern Facilities and Practices Make It Easier For You

Our modern equipment, technologically-advanced procedures, and our sedation options make surgical extraction quick and easy. To schedule a consultation to determine if surgical extraction is right for you, call us here at American Dental of Fitzgerald today.


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