5 Top Reasons Dentists Encourage Professional Teeth Cleaning

The public has made a shift during the last decade about teeth cleaning and visits to the dentist. Advertising portrays sparkling white teeth acquired after several treatments, and although they look beautiful, it’s not the same as having teeth cleaned. Cleaning removes tartar and plaque. Even though the two items occur naturally in your mouth, without cleaning it causes gum disease and affects other parts of the body. Brilliant smiles first require strong, healthy teeth and gums.

5 Top Reasons Dentists Encourage Professional Teeth CleaningCleanliness Fights Infection and Decay

Floss and brush teeth daily to eliminate food particles on and between your teeth. That helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease. It’s nearly impossible to get rid of all the problems by yourself because some of the areas that need cleaned are easy to miss.

Unremoved plaque becomes solid tartar that must be removed at your dentist’s office, usually be a dental hygienist. Some people require cleaning more often than others. A regular checkup soon indicates how frequently professional cleaning is needed.

Tartar causes an infection called gingivitis that causes the gum to pull away from the teeth. Ignoring the problem lets the infection and decay break down the supporting tissue.

Regular Cleaning Saves Money

Think of all the work your mouth does. You talk, yawn, and chew throughout the day and depend on your body to oversee its health. Tartar sends up a red flag letting your system know it’s under attack; the body responds by fighting it with the immune system.

There’s no end to the battle, highlighted by bleeding, inflamed gums as your body tries to regain control. Tartar erodes the enamel and creates small cavities which may not be detected until the interior of the tooth decays enough to hurt. Don’t wait until the intense pain sends you to an expensive after-hours emergency visit.

Save money and keep your healthy teeth by observing regular dental checkups and seeing the dentist right away when you notice something is out of sorts. Cleaning is an inexpensive process that removes destructive plaque and tartar before they cause problems.

Gum Disease Reduces the Immune System

Our bodies are designed to be healthy. When the immune system is called into action, it’s designed for a short fight. A lengthy battle fighting a gum infection wears the system down, limiting its ability to protect other parts of the body against disease.

Cleaning teeth on a regular basis lowers the risk of heart disease, dementia, stroke, and other illnesses. Proper care of teeth and gums supports overall health in addition to providing a beautiful smile.

Stop, Look, and Listen

It’s natural to build scenarios about what’s going to happen at an appointment with the dentist, even if it’s only for teethcleaning. Stop worrying and listen to the hygienist explain what’s being done. Get an insider’s look at the action by watching the hygienist at work.

An intraoral camera sends the image to a computer screen and helps you visually recognize the advice that’s given about pockets and bleeding gums caused by tartar. Verbal directions accompanied by a visual scene of scraping tartar from your molars usually results in better dental hygiene practices at home.

Understand the Right Way to Floss and Brush

Ask the dentist or hygienist to go over how to brush and floss. Practice the steps so they can correct any inaccurate movement. Good dental habits save money and protect your natural teeth. You’ll be more aware of reasons to see the dentist ahead of time and proactive about taking care of your mouth, gums, and teeth.

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