What Causes Stains on the Teeth?

Stains that occur on the teeth are a direct result of discoloration that results from substances that come in contact with the surface of the teeth, changes that occur with the material that makes up the teeth, or a direct combination of both of these factors.

cause of teeth stains

According to dental professionals, there are three categories, as it relates to stains that develop on the teeth. Below, you will find a brief description of each of these categories:

  1. Extrinsic Stains – These types of stains occur directly on the actual surface of the tooth. It stems from stain-causing particles accumulating on the protein-based film that covers the enamel of the tooth, itself. Examples of activities and products that have the capability of causing these types of stains include coffee, tobacco usage, drinking tea, colas, and the consumption of wine. Regular brushings and professional teeth cleaning services are usually able to successfully remove these types of stains from the teeth.
  2. Intrinsic Stains – These are stains that develop below the tooth’s surface. These happen when products or factors cause stains that are able to penetrate the tooth’s surface and build up within the enamel of the tooth. While difficult, removal of these types of stains is possible. The most productive means of eliminating these stains is through professional whitening services offered at your dentist.
  3. Age-Related Stains – The final category of stains related to the tooth are age-related. These often result from both categories of stains previously outlined. The dentin – which is the core of your tooth – goes through a natural yellowing process as you age. Additionally, the enamel becomes quite thin. As a result, the yellowing dentin becomes more noticeable.

Underlying Causes

Now that you are familiar with the category of stains, it is important to learn about the underlying causes of these issues. We have already mentioned a couple – certain types of drinks and tobacco usage.

In addition to these, certain food products may also cause stains. Any type of tooth trauma or disease that impacts the oral health could also result in the formation of stains on the teeth.

Furthermore, certain types of medications – such as those that treat high blood pressure and antipsychotics – can cause stains. Medical treatments – such as chemotherapy – may also result in the development of stains on the teeth.

Poor oral hygiene – such as not brushing and flossing appropriately – may also contribute to the development of tooth discoloration.

Removing Stains from the Teeth

The first step to removing stains from the teeth is brushing and flossing as outlined by your dentist. In most instances, it is recommended that you brush twice a day and thoroughly floss at least once a day.

You should also visit your dentist twice a year for a checkup and professional teeth cleanings. Also, you should sign up for teeth whitening procedures in Fitzgerald, GA.

If you would like to learn more on this topic or would like to remove those unsightly stains from your teeth – once and for all – contact us today by calling: 706-837-0123

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