Dental Financing

We can help set up a personalized payment plan for your budget!

Dental Financing

EVERYONE Deserves a Beautiful Smile

We here at American Dental of Fitzgerald believe that each and every single one of our patients deserves a beautiful smile. We believe that the services, products, and procedures that are necessary to obtain that beautiful smile should be affordable. The overall expense associated with the dental treatment that you require will heavily depend upon the customized dental care plan that we create for you.

Oftentimes, patients will cease treatment when they receive this plan because they feel as if all that it entails will be too expensive. We would like to express the fact that concerns about expense should never hinder your oral health care. We will take every step possible to ensure affordability and we also offer a multitude of financing options to help you cover your oral health care.

Personalized Payment Plan for Your Budget

We all have a budget. We know and understand that this budget typically does not cover dental treatment services, products, and procedures. This is why we make a special effort to create a personalized payment plan that is suitable for each customer and the budget that they have. Best of all, the payments made on this plan are interest-free and are very low each month.

Credit Option

In addition to special financing, we also accept CareCredit. This is a specially-designed credit program that covers dental work, and other healthcare expenses that may not be covered by your insurance provider. If interested, be certain to inquire about this option.

Special Discounts

We offer a multitude of special discounts to individuals that qualify. These range from discounts on upfront payments, discounts for family treatment plans, to discounts for military personnel, and more! Simply ask us about our special discounts on your visit and we will provide you with all of the information.

Do not let money concerns stop you from receiving the care that you require. We will help you in any way possible to optimize your oral health.


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