Invisalign is the prime choice according to the 5 million users that have successfully incorporated the clear aligner into their dental care regimen.


Straighten Teeth Without Affecting Your Smile

Invisalign are specially-designed aligners that are completely void of color. These dental devices have been proven to be highly effective in straightening the teeth, without detrimentally impact the aesthetics of the smile.

Each aligner is completely clear and customized to each patient’s mouth so that the teeth are gradually shifted to the most correct position. Backed with over two decades of clinical-based research and 700 unique patents, Invisalign is the prime choice according to the 5 million users that have successfully incorporated the clear aligner into their dental care regimen.

The Process

When electing to utilize Invisalign, you will be scheduled a comprehensive consultation. The purpose and intent of this meeting is to determine if the dental aligner is the right option for your individual needs.

Furthermore, your insurance coverage will be discussed, as well as the costs associated with the teeth straightener treatment. If you are deemed a good match for the product, the following will occur:

  • Comprehensive dental x-rays will be taken, as well as impressions of your teeth. These help the dental professional understand the unique positioning of your teeth and what measures will need to be taken to ensure that the device properly aligns with your mouth. This initiates the process of the development of a customized plan that caters to you, as an individual.
  • Using the impressions and images obtained from the dental x-rays, a clear aligner is created that is especially designed for your teeth.
  • Once the aligner has been issued to you, you will wear the technologically-advanced aligner daily. The only times that the product needs to be removed is when you consume meals, brush your teeth, floss the teeth, and utilize a mouth rinse product.
  • Every two weeks or so, you will receive a new clear Invisalign dental product that you may use. This new aligner helps to progress throughout the teeth straightening process.
  • Your dentist will set up an appointment every month to month and a half to evaluate the progression of your Invisalign treatment. On average, a standard adult treatment takes approximately one year to complete.


If you are in search of a simple solution to straightening your teeth that is aesthetically appealing, Invisalign is for you! The benefits are numerous.

Examples of the advantages of using Invisalign include complete customization of your dental product, no need to eliminate foods from your diet, the aligners may be easily placed and removed, and you will prevent a broad array of complications that often arise from misaligned teeth, such as bite problems, sores within the mouth, issues with chewing, and speech problems.

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