Nitrous Sedation

If the fear of a procedure has you holding back from the oral health care that you require, nitrous sedation may be an excellent option for you.

Nitrous Sedation Dentistry

Nitrous sedation is a special type of chemical compound that combines a nitrogen molecule that quickly bonds to an oxygen-based atom. While officially referred to as “Dinitrogen monoxide”, it is commonly called “Nitrous oxide”, “nitrous”, and/or “laughing gas”.

Nitrous sedation is commonly utilized in the dentistry industry because of its unique anesthetic properties. If used in high concentrations, it results in a sense of euphoria and has the ability to numb out pain sensations.

Nitrous sedation is often utilized in conjunction with other anesthetics in order to alleviate anxiety, fear, and pain that often accompanies certain types of dental procedures.

What Does Nitrous Oxide Do?

Nitrous Oxide is a special type of gas that is inhaled in the dentistry setting. It is clear, does not emit any type of smell, and is not considered to be an irritant. It is utilized to eliminate pain and create a feeling of pleasure.

In some instances, the gas may product visual effects or auditory effects; however, when used in dentistry, the dose is often low enough to avoid these effects from developing. There may be a bit of light headedness experienced and many people may find that they develop the giggles.

In metered doses and for short periods of time, this form of sedation is considered safe in the dental setting. Nitrous sedation is often mixed with higher levels of oxygen in order to optimize its safe use for longer periods of time within the dental practice.

Feelings Produced

If your dentist elects to utilize nitrous sedation for your procedure, you may experience up to four distinct sedation levels – depending on the concentration administered and how long you are on the sedation:

  1.  At the first level, it is common to experience tingling sensations. Many describe this as a feeling of vibration in the body.
  2.  At the second level, the body will start to feel warm.
  3. At the third level, euphoria or a general feeling of well-being occurs. Many may feel as if they are floating or may experience hearing sensations that are out of the ordinary.
  4. At the deepest level, most become sleepy. Dreaming may occur at this level. Complications in speaking may also occur.

DON’T Let Fear Hold You Back: Nitrous Sedation May Be Your Answer

If the fear of a procedure has you holding back from the oral health care that you require, nitrous sedation may be an excellent option for you!

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