What to Expect

Your first visit marks the beginning of our relationship with you, which we highly value.

What to Expect

Paperwork and Comprehensive Examination

Here at American Dental of Fitzgerald, we believe that comprehensive oral-based examinations are the number one, essential component to good oral health. When visiting us for the first time, you will need to complete new patient paperwork so that our team can become familiar with you.

On your first appointment, you will need to complete a thorough examination. Regardless of how well you handle your oral health at home, our specialists require this examination so that we may analyze each of your teeth, review your medical history, and gather all of the information that we require to create a custom dental treatment plan that suits your individual needs.

The Historical Review

In most instances, our team will initiate the first visit by inquiring about your medical history and your dental history. While many questions may seem a bit personal, this information is required so that we may identify any areas of concern, any medical issues that could impact your dental treatment plan, and if you are considered high risk for any of the major dental issues, such as jaw joint problems, tooth decay, gum disease, and/or oral cancer.

Additionally, it is necessary to know whether or not previous dental work has been done and what has been done.

The Physical Examination

Immediately after the historical review, the physical examination will follow. In many instances, this starts with obtaining x-rays of your mouth. These help dental professionals get a good look at the bite and jaw structure, the teeth, and all of the supporting bone structures.

It is during this section of the comprehensive exam that a member of our team will take a look at your teeth, previous dental work, and your mouth – as a whole. You will also review both a periodontal screening for gum disease and a screener to determine if you are at risk for oral cancer.

Wrapping it Up

The final step in the comprehensive exam is determining what type of dental care, treatment, and/or procedure that you need. A custom created dental plan is tailored to you. Our team will review their findings with you, make their recommendations, and schedule the immediately necessary next appointment or appointments.

Your first visit marks the beginning of our relationship with you, which we highly value. If you are ready to meet us, set up your first visit now.


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